Interior doors

Discover our range of custom interior doors

Carreaux Concept sells Made in Italy doors.

For a new-build or renovation project, whether coplanar, filomuro or traditional, our doors come from existing collections or are completely custom-built. They express your desires, adapt to all your interiors and add an original touch to your rooms.

Whether it's a pink, crowned princess door for your youngest child's bedroom, a cobalt blue or bright red door to match your new wall, lacquered and engraved with decorations inspired by elements of nature, brightly colored Pop Art motif doors based on an artist's work, or glass doors with natural, sandblasted and engraved motifs... the choice is virtually infinite and will satisfy even the wildest desires.
Never has a door been so original and important in a room.

If your interior is already equipped but you'd like a change, we can renovate your doors and dress them in the theme of your choice.

Change your door, it'll change your house!

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