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I want to inform about Domestic Violence Notice

Nyc Insurance Law §2612 domestic violence legislation provides victims of domestic physical physical violence with essential defenses. Illinois Administrative Code Section 2028 provides similar protections for victims of actual or threatened physical violence, including domestic physical violence. a target, the appropriate representative associated with the target or, if a young child could be the covered individual, the child’s parent or guardian may request to get policy information at an alternative target, cell phone number, or any other method of contact.

The insurer is prohibited (for the duration of the order or request) from disclosing to the policyholder or other person the address, telephone number, or any other personally identifying information of the insured, of any person or entity providing health services to the insured, the nature of the health services provided, or any other information from which there is a reasonable basis to believe the forgoing information could be obtained upon delivery of a valid order of protection or a reasonable request for confidentiality.