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“Fake breasts. We can’t also view a porn if a pair is had by the chicken of bolt-ons. ”

13. Really, extremely fetishes that are specific women with Jeeps stuck in mud through the rainfall

“I understand some body that features a thing for young (love 20s) ladies driving older (pre-2000) Jeeps which can be stuck when you look at the mud, while they’re putting on red stiletto heels and a dress that is tight. Whenever it is raining.

It’s very, very that is specific”

14. Feeders

“Feeders. We don’t know the way being fully a feedee or feeder( maybe perhaps not certain how to spell it) could perhaps sexually excite you. I’ll additionally never ever understand just why some body would try to gain purposely fat (needless to say unless they should for medical reasons). I will be fat, also it’s maybe perhaps not enjoyable. Sweet clothing’s harder to get, it is more costly, plus it’s maybe perhaps not healthier! It is additionally quite difficult to get rid of the extra weight once again. We really will not comprehend it and actually believe it is disgusting. ”

15. Genital pumping

“Genital pumping. Like whenever guys put their dicks in pipes and pump it or some shit making it develop super huge. Saw a plain thing where some dude put their dong in some kind of mini force chamber plus it expanded to your measurements of their forearm. Does not it harm? ”

16. Crushing

Crush and“Crushing fetishes. Particularly the work of crushing tiny pets like kittens and rodents, and bugs. It’s repulsive and every thing We hate in regards to the globe all summed up into someone’s gross pleasure. I’ve seen softer variations from it like smashing up fruit or such things as grapes but just what the fuck is?