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The ‘singing’ quality for the top register.

Its remarkable flexibility of ‘dynamic’ range through the whole entire keyboard.

The eveness that is wonderful of action.

The ‘singing’ quality for the register that is upper. The piano sings through the entire keyboard, however in payday loans Rhode Island the very last top two octaves, where most pianos are a disappointment in my experience, the Bl thner took its well-deserved bow!

The quality therefore the patience that is obvious of craftsmanship.

The a reaction to any type of music – classical, jazz, pop music, rock’n’roll, folk music, avant-guarde, etc.

The quality that is‘orchestral’ of Bl ü thner which will be therefore essential for me personally as a pianist so when a composer.

The Kasimoff Piano business additionally acts the music that is early with this 48 several years of representation of Neupert harpsichords and forte pianos from Bamberg, Germany. We also provide Schiedmayer celestas and Henle editions.

Since August, 1963, once we imported the initial brand new Bl Гј thner grand piano from Leipzig to Pasadena, Ca, it is often the pleasure and mission of our family members company to put fine BlГјthner pianos in houses, universities and colleges, with music fans, expert artists, and recording artists.

Whenever the unique characteristics of this BlГјthner are desired, the Kasimoff Piano business provides pianos for recitals, chamber music, opera shows, etc.

Numerous BlГјthners grand pianos have been restored inside our workshop like those owned by Jerome Kern (1922), Prince Esterharzy (1903), and King Johann of Saxony (1860). Our advice is frequently desired in every things regarding BlГјthner pianos and European brands in basic.

After all times we now have at least 15 BlГјthner grand pianos inside our showroom. Regardless of BlГјthner, Haessler and Irmler pianos, we usually do not express every other makes of pianos.

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