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We’d start thinking about any guy whom seemed decent. Each on their very own merits

Could you date a guy within the navy?

Using the reputation sailor males have?

I might make an effort to look at the possible effect of the life with somebody who had been away for very long durations, but I mightn’t prejudge his character.

We dated a guy whom was previously into the navy, he stated their entire solution had been essentially being compensated to obtain pissed. But. He did not travel much therefore if the reputation your thinking of is « girl in just about every slot » I do not think it is the exact exact exact same now because it had previously been.

Two of my buddies are hitched to Navy or now ex Navy males plus they are the best, many guys that are trustworthy. You cannot tar them using theexact same brush(They may be additionally extremely neat and clean. Evidently since they need to be such as this when surviving in restricted room on vessels & submarines haha! )

I would personallyn’t maybe maybe not date him as a result of the reputation they usually have, I don’t rely on stereotyping big sets of individuals and choose to judge them as individuals. Nonetheless, i mightn’t date some body within the navy as the time each goes away for.

I experienced a permanent relationship having a Stuntman ( total arse that has an event while I became expecting ) and hitched an Antisocial Behaviour officer whom utilized to conquer the crap away from me personally and I also needed to get court instructions to help keep me personally safe from.