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Are we included in the Freedom of Information Act?

The Act just covers general public authorities. Schedule hands down the Act contains a listing of the physical systems which are classed as general general general public authorities in this context. Some of those physical systems are detailed by title, including the safety and health Executive or perhaps the National Gallery. Other people are detailed by kind, as an example federal federal government departments, parish councils, or schools that are maintained. Executive agencies are classed as an element of their moms and dad federal federal federal government division; as an example, the DVLA is covered by the Act since it is area of the Department for Transport. Nonetheless, arm’s-length systems aren’t considered area of the division sponsoring them, and are detailed independently in role VI of Schedule 1.

Part 5 of this Act provides the Secretary of State the ability to designate further figures as general general general general public authorities. If in doubt, you can examine the position that is latest.

Particular figures are just covered for a few regarding the information they hold, for instance:

  • GPs, dentists as well as other doctors have only to give details about their NHS work;
  • the BBC, Channel 4 and also the Welsh channel S4C (the general public solution broadcasters) do not need to offer information on journalistic, literary or creative tasks; and
  • some figures which have judicial functions don’t have to offer details about these functions.

The definition of a public authority now also covers companies which are wholly owned in addition to the bodies listed in the Act, with effect

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