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17 Crazy Intercourse Positions Which Have Been Missing From Your Own Life

You’ve mastered missionary and also you’ve done it doggy design, like, a bazillion times currently. Bring about the next place challenge, please!

In the place of resorting to your go-to moves tonight, whip out one of these brilliant crazy sex roles for the intimate experience you have never ever, ever, had prior to.

X Position

Just how to: Have your partner lie straight straight back and stay dealing with them, along with your feet crossing over each other to create an X.

Why it really is great: that is truly the only « ex » you’re going to be happy to operate into. Also referred to as the « Crisscross, » this crazy intercourse place calls for slow, intimate motion.

Butter Churner

Just how to: Have your spouse lie to their straight back with regards to feet raised and folded over so their ankles take either part of these mind, while you squat and penetrate.