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Despite these restrictions, the research is a superb share to literary works in understanding

Our outcomes reveal that when you look at the viewpoint of females, large-sized penises are related to extra-marital partnerships perhaps because of discomfort and pain while having sex. This might be as opposed to guys’s views which have triggered them doing all kinds of things to augment their penis sizes [44]–[46]. Some have also insisted on penile enhancement against medical advisories that their penises are in the normal size [47]. It is most likely due to the received and fallacy that is popularized a bigger penis size with masculinity [35]. This reasoning has to be progressively corrected, particularly into the light of results like this from ladies who are supposedly the primary beneficiaries of penile enhancement results. If outcomes using this research are almost anything to pass by, it could be counterproductive for males to look for penile augmentation while their intimate lovers are running out of the exact same and seeking intimate satisfaction elsewhere.