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Disclosing Secrets: instructions for Therapists dealing with Sex Addicts and Co-addicts 5

Assisting the Addict Decide about Complete Disclosure

Addict who ask the specialist, “Should we disclose” are expressing ambivalence about keeping the trick either them to tell and they are not sure because they want to tell their partner or someone is pressuring. The therapist’s part, then, is always to assist the addict resolve this ambivalence and prepare him for telling. Listed below are helpful concerns to take into account during a session that is individual

  • May be the event over? Could be the customer nevertheless acting out? Does he like to stop?
  • Does your client continue to have any connection with the event partner, or does his / her partner?
  • Does the customer continue to have strong thoughts in regards to the event partner? Exactly exactly just What happens to be the try to resolve those feelings?
  • Just just exactly How did the event effect the couple’s relationship?
  • Just just just What did the affair solve or seem to produce better?
  • What lies were utilized to protect up the event?
  • Did the partner suspect, if therefore, just how energy that is much additional lying had been required to disarm the partner’s suspicions? (as an example, ended up being the partner accused of imagining things, paranoia, etc. That maybe contributed to your partner’s loss in self-esteem? )
  • Is it really the only affair or behavior the customer had, or has this been a recurrent pattern?
  • Does a previous event or problematic behavior nevertheless have actually a direct impact in the couple’s relationship that is current?
  • Just exactly How comfortable does your client feel about continuing to conceal the affair/behavior?