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Cash advance verdict starts the way in which to get more legal action

It may possibly be Valentines Day, but Alabama lawmakers didn’t provide love that is much week as a few bills had trouble advancing. An overview is had by us of the week’s action in the legislature from Don Dailey, host of Alabama Public Television’s Capitol Journal.

Payday Lending

A Senate Committee voted straight down a bill that could are making it easier for borrowers to settle loans that are payday. It could have provided borrowers 1 month to settle. In certain full situations they are able to have less than 10 days.

Payday lending has become a issue that is perennial the last few years, but Dailey notes the opposition into the bill had been bipartisan.

“There just doesn’t appear to be contract on this problem nevertheless,” Dailey says.

Transgender Athletes

A bill that could need transgender school that is high to compete according to their biological intercourse at delivery died in a home committee.