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8. Don’t Ask “Can You Have Intercourse?”

We can’t also commence to let you know just just how times that are many heard this from times. USUALLY DO NOT ASK THIS MATTER IN SPITE OF HOW INTERESTED YOU MIGHT BE. Plain and simple, it’s rude. Certain, on a romantic date you will be contemplating resting with us because hello, we’re attractive. However for some explanation times think if we owe you an explanation because we’re disabled they can just boldly ask invasive personal questions about our bodies as. You’dn’t ask a non-disabled person who, could you?

For the great deal of men and women including myself, once I continue a date I’m also contemplating intercourse. With me or another Disabled Latina, but asking straight out like in number 9 is again rude so it’s not a bad thing entirely if you’re wondering what sex will be like. This fascination and confusion is from our intercourse education permitting us straight down in this nation but specially when it comes down to intercourse ed for Queer and Disabled individuals.