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Families. Francis Cooke hitched Hester Mahieu that is le July 1603, un 12 8 3

« Couk, Franchoys to England, Wool-comber, accompanied simply by Phillipe de Veau plus Raphael Roelandt their acqaintance. Betrothed. 30 June 1603 towards Hester Mahieu to Canterbury at England, accompanied. By just Jenne Mahieu the girl mom as well as Jenne Mahieu the woman sis.  » 11 3

Even though Hester Mahieu try detailed since « concerning Canterbury,  » this girl ended up being really Walloon, French-speaking Belgian, rather than English. Countless Walloons resided in Canterbury, involved with that the textile trades. 12

  1. John, ended up being baptized as part of un 188
  2. A kid ended up being hidden at Le 8
  3. Jane, was created concerning 1609 as part of un 8
  4. Elizabeth, ended up being baptized as part of un 8
  5. Jacob, was created concerning 1618. That he hitched (one) Damaris Hopkins right after 10, 1646, in Plymouth and had seven children june.