The 15 Weirdest Uber Stories As Told Through Torontonians

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The 15 Weirdest Uber Stories As Told Through Torontonians

The 15 Weirdest Uber Stories As Told Through Torontonians

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Uber motorists certainly notice it all. They see you when you are on the road to operate, before a romantic date, and blackout following the club. Unfortuntely, this may lead to some really, extremely embarrassing incounters, for the motorists additionally the people.

Hey you! Contribute to Toronto for the latest and best tales.

Most avid Uber users have experienced a minumum of one encounter that is questionable and after asking a team of Torontonians for their craziest experiences, we now have put together this list.

If you should be to locate a small activity on this Friday afternoon, dropped liberated to read on and share your personal encounters when you look at the remarks below!

1. « I’m really an uber driver, and this tale may be told from a little bit of a different viewpoint. We acquired a combined team of men and women after final call from the club on Adelaide. Even as we pulled out onto Spadina another vehicle hit my automobile and now we all immediately stopped to check out the harm. If we got down, one other driver started initially to attempt to conceal their license plate so it down for insurance that I would not be able to take. Fortunately, my intoxicated passenger popped out of this sunroof and took an image of this permit plate from above. Since the flash on her behalf phone went from the yelled « case closed! » during the other motorist. It had been hilarious and intensely helpful all at exactly the same time. »

2. « we called an uber to choose me up after splitting up with my now old boyfriend. Appropriate when I found myself in the automobile we burst into rips (socially awkward, I’m sure) additionally the Uber motorist ended up being therefore upset to see my crying he started initially to tear up aswell. The rest was spent by us of this trip crying with each other, it had been acutely strange, but somehow sort of comforting? Of course we never ever talked once more, and I also think we have been either motified concerning the whole situation. »

3. « An Uber driver told me personally he accompanied me personally on instagram and asked for an image. We appeared as if a bum so A i declined and had been sincerly creeped out. »

4. « Two of my buddies and I also had been using an Uber to get grab some coffee. Our Uber motorist had been excessively friendly and had been really thinking about exactly exactly what most of us had been their studies at college. After finding she proceeded to give us a long pep talk about our field and our futures out we were all attening Humber for journalism. After the trip arrived to end most of us got out from the vehicle and wandered to the cafe. At least 5 moments later our Uber motorist walks to the cafe and profits to crash our coffee date. I assume she cut work eary that to spend time with us. time »

5. « My dad ended up being visiting from out of city and we also made a decision to grab an uber after having a supper into the town. As soon as the Uber motorist picked us up, my father immideiatly realized that our motorist ended up being his youth door that is next. They immediately began remonicing about old times, and I also evidentally became the 3rd wheel to my father’s bro date for sleep of our 30 moment trip house to Mississuaga. »

6. « we when found myself in an Uber and my motorist immidetaly involved me in a game of can you instead. We had been stuck in rush hour traffic regarding the Gardiner, and also the game lasted the whole trip (that was most likely around 40 mins). The absolute most one that is memorable can you instead bleed from your own nipples constantly or cry bloodstream when you needed to talk to significantly more than 4 individuals at the same time. Needless to express this person got a simple 5 celebrity rating. »

7.  » During a trip house after per night of ingesting , we bribed my motorist to simply simply take me personally through the Mcdonald’s with a totally free meal that is happy. We eneded up sitting within the parking great deal consuming our meals together, in which he didn’t also become charging you me personally for the remainder trip house. This will be possibly the closest thing I had to a romantic date in some time, that is both excessively unfortunate and iconic. »

8. « we as soon as had an Uber driver vent in my opinion and everyone else else within the Uber pool exactly how he did not wish to propose to their gf. Most of us provided him our advice, plus it finished in a fairly discussion that is heated most of the cyclists. Fundamentally we decided which he needed to opt for their gut, but i am banking in the proven fact that he definitly would not pop the concern. We nevertheless consider him often. »

9. « we as soon as had an Uber driver let me know which he desired to tye me up and simply take me personally house. Definitly failed to make use of the application for a time from then on. »

10.  » After having a pregame that is extremely aggressive friends and I went along to phone an UberX to obtain downtown from Etobicoke. Becuase we had taken therefore long ingesting and getting prepared there have been no further any UberXs available. It was when Uberblack had been a brand new function, and never once you understand what it really ended up being we chose to check it out. Fundamentally a GMC Yukon came to select us up. After we arrived in the club our motorist launched the doorway we all fell into a snowbank while one of my friends exclaimed « suck my ass » -very classy for us and. Of course, the whole night ended up being a blur. The morning that is next all looked over our Uber bills to note that the trip as a whole cost $200. Until this very day many of us are incredibly grossed down with just just just just how much money we allocated to an Uber trip none of us keep in mind. FML. »

11. « as soon as my gf and I also had been with in an Uber and also the motorist proceeded to inquire about us when we would like to have a threesome if we liked to « share » as in. No thanks pal. »

12. « that isn’t that crazy but one time my Uber driver rolled up the window back at my thumb. It absolutely was a fairly ride that is awkward that. »

13. « One time I’d to stay in the exact middle of my motorist’s two kids who had been in child car seats. They tossed Cheerios at me personally when it comes to entirety of this trip. Worst. Uber. Ever. »

14. « The ex had unexpectedly power down early when it comes to evening so my girlfriends and I also were home that is heading. An uber was called by us in Liberty that immediately popped the trunk and asked us when we desired popcorn. He’d perhaps 8 microwave that is ready-popped simply chilling for clients through the evening. He simply started their change aka these people were hot and fresh. The simplest 5 stars IРІve ever provided »

15. « One time an Uber motorist offered me weed chocolate. We consumed it throughout the trip and had never ever been therefore saturated in my entire life. »

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